Dr. Chaitanya Ganapule

M.D OBGYN / Dip in Gynaec Endoscopy / Certificate in Infertility & IVF Gynaec and IVF specialist.

Dr. Shashank Shah

MBBS, MS, FAIS, FICS, Honorary FIAGES, Honorary FMAS, Honorary FMBS, Honorary FALS, Diploma as Visiting professor , IRCAD, France.

Solution to Disinfect Surgical Smoke

Carcinogenic and Mutagenic Surgical smoke may be life threatening to the OT team. AoneS brings a unique cost effective solutio

Biomedical Forum Pune

Meeting of over thirty biomed engineers and medical equipment manufacturers. Also announced Medical Device Digital Exhibition and demonstrated the platform.

Surgical Smoke - Myths & Facts

Watch Mr. Atul Kaluskar (Founder AoneS Labs), the only Non-Medico Speaker at the prestigious MASICON 2022 sharing key insights on the development of surgical smoke evacuation devices & their benefits for the surgeons.